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Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Very happy Birthday Surprise

Tamara's Birthday Surprise

Wow!  What a very lucky class Rimu are.  Today Tamara turns 11 and her mum brought in some birthday treats to help celebrate with the class.  We had pizza, fizzy, treats, cheese balls, crackers and of course scrumptious birthday cake.  We all felt very lucky to be able to have this birthday surprise treat.  Thank you Kyla!!!

The birthday girl and teacher selfie...always got to have at least one.

Glad Tamara's mum didn't over order pizza like somebody else we know.

Enjoying the special birthday surprise.


  1. Hey Miss Waho Hannah Here.
    I loved the cake and all the great treats.
    I was really surprised when I saw everything.
    Happy birthday Tamara,
    Everyone have a good day.

  2. Kia ora and happy birthday to a big 11 year old Tamara.
    I hope you have a great day Tamara it really looks like Rimu class are a very spoilt class, A big big thank you to Kyla Tamara's mum.

  3. A big great Happy birthday to Tamara thank you Kyla for the awesome yummy lunch. The cake was amazing the reminds me of when I had a friend and it was her birthday. Have a amazing day Tamara and enjoy your birthday Bye

  4. Hey It's me Maddison and I was there and it was cool and the reason why it was because we had cake and chips and pizza my favorite was the pizza and I really want to do this again and hopefully we do this at the end of term.

  5. Hi its Calllum the party was grate and also so Miss Waho I like how you put in that some one over orderd ? keep up the grate work blog you later.

  6. Kiaora!
    That was a really fun time them I hope it happens again!
    My favorite thing I had there was the fizzy!
    I really liked the lolli pops and I also loved the cheesy chees balls, they were my favorite!
    Happy Birthday Tamara I hope you had a great great great great day!!!!!!!!!!
    Make a wish Tamara!

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  8. Hey it's Izzy.
    Happy Birthday Tamara!!!! I hope you have an awesome day and thanks Kyla the food and cake was really yummy. Nice photos Miss Waho I love them and lucky Kyla didn't over order like you.

  9. Kia ora and happy birthday to a big 11 year old Tamara.
    I hope you have a great day Tamara it really looks like Rimu class are a very spoilt class, A big big thank you to Kyla Tamara's mum.

  10. Hi there Miss Waho Hannah typing :)
    I love your post Miss Waho because you so much detail like pictures and I almost forgot to say I see a really good word scrumptious It's is a good adjective.
    Oh goodie I see no problems with this post well done :)
    Oh and I cant forget happy birthday Tamara!!!!

  11. Salut it is me Alyscia.
    That was a really fun time I wish that all of a sudden I get all this stuff, but it isn't about me it is about you Tamara.
    But where ar emy manners HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA!!!.
    I really loved the cake that was the yummiest part tell your Mum that I said Thank you.
    Hope you have a really great day.
    Au revour.

  12. Hey, It's Sameer. Happy birthday to Tamara I had a great time drinking fizzy and eating lollies and chips! Really funny Miss Waho with ordering pizza. Blog you later!

  13. Hey its me chloe
    This was a really nice siprize for Tamara she was soooo happy it made me happy that she was smileing but a big thankyou to tamaras mum kyla for the treats,pizzia,fizzy,and much more.I loved this moment because it broung back memorys from when I was little.This part gave me memory about when I was five it was my birthday I got pizza had treats like you did.Also did you know this was going to happen.bye for now

  14. Kiaora
    I didn't know it was Tamara's birday I thought it was someones birthday when I seen the cake. because the cake said Happy Birthday on it. I liked the fizzy and everything else I mostly liked the pizza.

  15. hi its joseph that was a fun time I really liked having fizzy pizza loll poops and chece balls happy birthday tamara I hope you have a great birthday

  16. Hi Rimu class how was it, I really liked the pizza, treats, fizzy and the author stuff you put up, I liked the pictures you put up. I thought you had fun. I wish you a happy birthday,
    see you latter.

  17. Talofa my name is Amber and I am in Rm 22 at Owairaka District School, I really admire all the effort and money your mum put into buying all those luscious treats for you guy's, you guy's are very lucky to have someone in your classroom share something with you also you guy's are very lucky. It made me think of when we had a surprise birthday and my mum bought heaps of scrumptious food. If you would like to check out my interesting learning blog here is the address http://odsamberma.blogspot.co.nz Blog ya later! Amber

  18. Kiaora My name is Janice and I am with a partner Jordana from ODS I Like to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAMARA I hope you've had an Awesome day on your BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA!!!!
    I hope you can visit our Blog at http://odsjanices.blogspot.co.nz/ & http://odsjordanam.blogspot.co.nz/

  19. Kiaora my name is Jordana and I go to Owairaka School. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA have a great birthday I hope your whole class enjoyed the yummy food and cake have a good birthday and enjoy the rest of your day.

    From Jordana ODS

  20. kia ora my name is Liseti I go to ODS
    The food look great I wish I was there!