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Te Rōpū Whakamanawa is a group of Year 5 and 6 students at Ara Tū Whakatā Gilberthorpe School in Hei Hei, Ōtautahi, Aotearoa. We work in a collaborative learning space of Years 4 to 6 students, called Te Ara Takitini. Welcome to our blog where we share our learning throughout 2019.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Dollar Day Market

Whakamanawa Market Day

At the end of term three, we had an idea to help us raise some money for camp.  We thought it would be good to have a market day.  While we were preparing for it, we decided we would make everything cost one dollar, which then prompted us to call it our Dollar Day Market.  
We started by preparing and planning for our stalls.  We created a Google slide so we could advertise in our school.

We were so amazed at the turn out of our market day and were not expecting so many people to come.  We made an impressive amount of over $1400.00.  Check out some of the pictures below:

We are looking forward to holding another market next year.


  1. Kia Ora Miss Waho,
    I loved the Market day so much I wish we could have it again but it's our next journey. ( Our Next school )
    Our Stall sold everything!
    From Keisha

  2. Hello Its Noah from ya class.
    I Really enjoyed the market. It Was so fun going around buying things.
    I love selling things.
    I hope I can do it again in the future!
    Have a great time.
    Bye Blog ya later.
    KA PAI!

  3. Bonjour! It was such a fun day that day. I am so glad that we could each hold our own stands. Do you agree that is was a fun day? I am also happy that we got to shop around and buy stuff. I liked the ticket idea. Everyone worked so hard on this, Blog you later!

  4. Hello
    Wow we did fantastic.
    thank you to the people that gave as some goodes (stuff to sell)
    I will so be there next year it was so much fun to sell and buy some cool and fun stuff. Thanks for coming to our 2018 year 6 market. bye for now.

  5. Hi Ms Waho Chrysler here.I like how you did a lot of pictures.Maybe next timeyou could add words in between the pictures.Blog you later.

  6. Hi Miss Waho Jesse here. Its cool that it worked on a rainy day and i'm surprised that my french toast worked and did you like the french toast I gave you. BLOG YOU LATER!!!

  7. Hi I'm Lasa, I come from Hornby High School. I am very surprised that you have been able to make 1,400 dollars. I also did a market day but the difference is that we sold it for different prices. We sold amazing things like ice cream, Donuts and much more you could even be able to play fortnite. What was the best part of dollar market day and why?

  8. Hello, my name is Khaylanie and I am from HHS. I really like your post about Market day, it was a really smart idea for you guys to raise money for camp. Maybe next time you could change some of the fonts on your slide because some of them I could not read, but other then that you did a great job. Did you guys have fun the day?

  9. Hi, This is Tyson.

    I like how you have showed us what you have done on that day,also I like how you have added alot of pictures.

    Next time you could add writing in between the photos and add a little more writing in the blurb.

    From Tyson.

  10. Hi Miss Waho, I remember it still I remember Jrae's FUNNY DANCING to lol, how much money did we make? u are the best teacher do not tell my teacher. :-P :-)